AGATA SURMA is best known for her sensual paintings of women enveloped by rich and lustrous abstracts made of paint and varied embedded textures. A Polish-born, American artist, she grew up in Orange County, CA with her artist father and a constant smell of oil paint around the house.

With a Masters degree in International Development from Cambridge University, UK, Agata worked on resolving conflicts around natural resources in Africa until 2011, after which, she returned to painting full time. She spent 6 years in Panama working in her art studio and promoting arts and culture with her husband and fellow artist, Hector Guillen.  Together, they co-founded and managed a local art space for emerging artists.

Agata’s artwork has been exhibited internationally, and can be found in privet collections in Europe and the Americas. Agata moved to New York with her husband in the Summer of 2018, after a promising show at Contra Galleries in Manhattan and a residency in Northern Germany earlier that year. Currently, she happily splits her time between Panama and New York. 

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